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When I got a text from a social media mischief maker and longtime Kunt sympathiser
chum saying “Kunt, it’s all kicking off on the Femfresh Facebook page” I thought it only
right that I go and see what was occurring and what I could do to help smooth the
situation over.

For those of you not familiar with Femfresh, they are a leading brand in the “feminine
intimate hygiene” area, having broken through with their packs of fannywipes and
recently branched into a range of pH sensitive mingewashes.

As far as I could work out the issue seemed to be that some ladies with a Feminist
leaning had developed a beef (curtain, see what I did there) with Femfresh’s latest
marketing campaign that encourages women to share the various names they use to
describe their sausage wallets. Some of the examples they were offering up were
‘frou frou’, ‘la la’ and ‘vajayjay’.

When I arrived at the page, there had already been several hours worth of posts, many
of a serious nature, most using the word VAGINA in capitals and accusing Femfresh of
being an unnecessary and misogynistic product.

I could see this side of the argument but having over the years also experienced the
other, niffier side of the coin I thought it only right to try and offer up a balanced point
of view. So I posted:
I had a look around some of the other posts, a lot of which were ladies talking frankly
about their frontbottoms, which I am all for, and tried to get involved in the discussions.
I scrolled down and made some relevant points on previous page posts. Considering
Femfresh had an average of 5 people ‘liking’ their page posts I thought they’d be
grateful for the input.
There were still a lot of irked ladies, hundreds in fact, posting on the wall taking issue
with the ‘frou frou’ and ‘la la’ business. People were calling it a Social Media Disaster.
The page moderators started deleting people’s posts and people were posting back
up complaining about this. Femfresh tried to calm people down by releasing the post
below but this only seemed to fan(ny) the flames. I continued to try and mediate to
help Femfresh put their side across.
Unfortunately in the melee my original post got deleted by mistake so I re-posted it.
And fish for a bit of work…
Things were getting out of hand with people using all sorts of colourful language, calling
for the Femfresh Facebook page to be taken down, and several people calling the
Femfresh publicists ‘a bunch of frou frous’.
In a final attempt to mediate and calm things down I tried to change the subject on to
something less incendiary but every bit as relevant and encouraged ‘likers’ of the Kunt
and The Gang Facebook page to join in:
Sadly this did not work and the Femfresh Facebook page was taken down.

The same day I received a warning and 24 hour ban from Facebook which they
said was for a picture of me pretending to have a wank which had been up there
for six months - so I can only presume that it was completely unrelated.

Femfresh, I did my best to help you out. Please remember Kunt and the Gang
if you ever need a jingle for an advert (paid only).
June 2012