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Tourettes girlfriend

When I'm having sexual intercourse
I really must profess
I like birds to talk dirty
Cos it helps me lose my mess
It always feels much ruder
Of that there is no doubt
If your bird is saying mucky stuff
While you're thrusting in and out

My last bird was hopeless
At picking the right phrase
She shouted things like ‘Men’s Milk’
As I did it on her face
So I've given her the elbow
But I've got no regrets
Cos I'm gonna go and find myself
A bird who's got tourettes

Tourettes girlfriend
It'll be great
Fuck this and cunt that
I just can't wait
Her potty mouthed tirades
Will make my nob inflate
She’ll belch out sexy swearwords
While I sit and masturbate

It’ll be well sick
To have a chick
Who is sucking my dick
While she's having a tic

I pulled a bird with Tourettes
But it’s not how I thought
Yes she often shouts things
That she didn’t ought
She said, ‘Fuck’ and ‘Cunt’ to my mum
But when we were having a poke
The stuff she come out with freaked me out
Cos I’m just a regular bloke

When she said ‘I’m a baby’ it fair threw me off my stroke

Tourettes girlfriend
The stuff you spout
Tourettes girlfriend
It’s freaking me out
Tourettes girlfriend
She slung me out
Cos I got erectile dysfunction
When she started to shout about
(Random tics...)

I’ve got the hump
And I feel a chump
Because I got dumped
Cos I couldn’t stay plump

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