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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,
I've never heard anyone actually say it but apparently they do.
Needless to say I was very flattered when I got some pictures
sent through of people that were going for my look...
They say that people who love each
other grow to look like each other...
Superhans off Peepshow, he's a
proper Kunt!
I have no idea who this bucktoothed
gimp is, or indeed whether it's a chap
or a lady but I have to concede there's
a passing resemblance
Kunt and Little Kunt's arch nemesis -
a kid friendly version who can cook.
Newcastle and Liverpool's Barry
Venison, as suggested by Chris
9nobs. He had the hair but he
didn't have my flair...
Not that flattered by these two!
I was always suspicious of Rod
Hull because take Emu out of the
equation and he was just some
bloke pinching Michael Parkinson's
Yep, cheers again
This next one was sent in by Andy van
der Merwe and bears a spooky
"While browsing an Internet forum I use
a lot, a guy I know posted his pic, and
he bears an uncanny likeness to the big
man himself. His crying pose was entirely
Since I got sent this my house burnt
down and this was the only thing left...
The curse of the crying boy...
I think we know who's gonna be playing
Little Kunt in 'Kunt and the Gang: The Movie'!
Pictured with Chris 9nobs is my long lost uncle Geoff
who did an Arthur Fowler with the snooker club beano tin.
Now apparently doing a Rod Stewart tribute in Benidorm!
Mr. Danny Buttock of Basildon suggests I may be
the lovechild of Messrs Lovejoy and Hoggard.
Hoggard has just pulled his pants down and as to
where that finger's going... you do the math
Mikey C posted this up on Facebook, it's from Colchester castle!
It's definitely not me though as the only sword I will be found grappling with
is of the pork variety (my own, that is).
Cheers Troakey for this one.
Is it OK for me to be a bit offended about it?
Mind you, Jimmy Bullard is probably saying the same thing.
Simon from Maidstone suggested Chesney Hawkes -
if I covered me mouth in Pritt Stick and had
people chucking Coco Pops at me. Simon adds that his
name can be re-arranged to become "Cheesey Whanks".
Trev from Bas sent this one in.
I'm not sure of any similarity between me and Boris Becker,
other than he had sex in a cupboard and I was once caught
wanking in a wardrobe out the back of MFI.
Jade from Derbyshire reckons I look like Paul Simenon c. 1976 (above)
These days he's like an old piano with a key missing:
Country Joe McDonald c. 1968, a proper spooky spot by BBC's own Mr. Billy Reeves
Willem Dafoe. He must be a bit of a Kunt. From Kaarin Tullus
Before they were internet famous...
me as Grange Hill's Duane Orpington.
As suggested by Mr. B, The Gentleman Rhymer
www.myspace.com/mrbthegentlemanrhymer - check him out!
Great spot by Tommy Baldquim -
Who's that lurking behind Donna Summer...
See the full vid here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ArZEFwRsY
This bloke (The silver fox) dicks around with knives on YouTube.
Not sure of the lookalike factor but he could be an interesting
middle man to fill any uncomfortable gaps in conversation
at a dinner party with Barry George.
West Ham's Behrami.
My hairdresser told me he came in and asked for
a 'Kunt and the Gang' and then complained when they
took him out the back and stuck a finger in his brown.
Radgedkunt48 suggests Cousin Kevin off Tommy.
I will not be using it as an excuse to mention
Pete Townsend and his 'research'. Woops.
Sockeye offers up the e-fit of the 'Lettucehead' burglar.
Thanks to Hampshire Police, who lettuce use this picture (see what I did there?)
If you come across any Kunt-a-likes, take a pic and email it to us
at disco.minge@virgin.net and we'll stick it up here...