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Bored of tits

I went on holiday to Benidorm
Topless sunbathing was the norm
I got a right eyeful and it was ace
There were hooters and melons all over the place

I went to the beach in my mirrored bins
So I could ogle all the bald headed twins
It was like heaven there were tits on tap
I had to rest a newspaper on my lap

By the end of end of the week though I became aware
I’d stopped looking at the boobies there
The girl next to me had a massive bust
But I glanced at them and I felt non-plussed

Was it the water, was it the heat?
I didn’t feel a thing for that lady’s teat

Fuck off
Put your knockers away
Fuck off
Don’t wanna see them today
Fuck off
I’m calling it quits
I’m going back to England cos I’m bored of tits

I got back home and I felt the same
I used to love tits, it was such a shame
I dated some girls but to no avail
When I thought of their tits it was an epic fail

I look in the mirror, who is this guy?
Tits used to give me such a natural high

Fuck off
Put your knockers away
Fuck off
Don’t wanna see them today
Fuck off
Look at me, I’m in bits
I don’t recognise myself cos I’m bored of tits

I went to the doctor and he put me on drugs
To get me back interested in ladies’ jugs
Two weeks later and I’m back on form
And I’ve booked another holiday to Benidorm

I’m trying to decide, over a cold Coca Cola
Do I prefer the nipple, or the areola?

Come on
Get your funbags out
Come on
Give them a jiggle about
Come on
I’m chuffed to bits
I’m pleased to report that I’m back on the tits

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