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Harry is our man

I just heard on the news that Capello has quit
No one seems upset cos in the world cup we were shit
Dismal results and internal fights
Our defence had more holes than a bag lady’s tights

Germany made a mockery of our defenders
Wayne Rooney had the touch of a sex offender
It wasn’t just Capello’s fault, what about the FA?
They gave him a new contract before he went away

But now he’s gone
And it’s time to move on

Let's get Harry
Harry is our man
Don't get Guus Hiddink
Get Harry if you can
Let's get Harry
Harry is our man
The only ones who don’t want him there
Are Tottenham fans

The England set up has for years been in disarray
If the fans can see it then why can’t the FA
Keegan quit because he didn’t really seem stable
Before him Hoddle got the sack for slagging the disabled

Under Sven Goran Erikson we briefly improved
But the trouble was he stuck his nob in anything that moved
Then the Wally with the brolley – noone rated him much
And after his settlement he suddenly went Dutch

Let's get Harry
Harry is our man
Leave Martin O Neill
In charge of Sunderland
We'll always be one step ahead
With Harry by the pitch
His teams play the right way
And he’s got a lucky twitch

Allardyce – too long ball
Southgate – he’s done fuck all
Pardew – it’d end in tears
Stuart Pearce – in a few years
Mourinho – It’d be a farce
Woy Hodgson – Can’t say his Rs
Wenger – they’d lose with style
With a bag of sweets and cheeky smile

But let's get Harry
Harry is our man
Don't get Guus Hiddink
Get Harry if you can
With Harry at the helm
It’s full steam ahead
So what if his face
Is falling off his head
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