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Meet Jade Goody

Meet Jade Goody
Big Brother’s famous fuckwit
Dig her up and shake her hand
Finger her kebab

In the time of Brian Dowling
Before Brian Belo
There was a lady called Jadey
A proper dinlo

She lacked any knowledge
But had naive charm
Her mum was a lesbo
With a gammy arm

Meet Jade Goody
Big Brother’s favourite fuckwit
Buy the Sport and have wank
Over her kebab

She got her kebab out
In the Sunday Sport
It was much hairier
Than you’d have thought

Her housemates’ stars faded
But she lasted longer
She got her own perfume
And then moved to Ongar

Meet Jade Goody
Big Brother’s famous fuckwit
She got married and had kids
Out of her kebab  

She got divorced
Her career on the wane
She ended up
On Big Brother again

She bullied an Asian
For all to see
The tabloids all said
”Get this pig off TV”

Meet Jade Goody
Big Brother’s famous racist
Slag her off, don’t shake her hand
Ignore her kebab

She was vilified
By the tabloid press
But she turned her career round
With a terminal illness

And before she died
She was very brave
And so her racism
We all forgave

Jack Tweed’s nob cheese
Gave Jade Goody cancer
She passed away on Mother’s Day
Of Big C of the kebab
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