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Jimmy Savile And The Sexy Kids

The other night I suddenly awoke
To the spectral shape of this ghostly bloke
He was floating above me, just there in mid air
He had a shellsuit on and a mop of blond hair

He said, “Kunt, it’s Sir Jimmy, I’ve returned from the grave
To attempt, with your help, my reputation to save
He said, “Now then, now then, can you write me a song
To explain what happened with those girls and my dong”

I said I’m not sure, I’d have to hear that explanation
In case people think I’m a paedo by association
And this is what he told me...

It was sexy kids, sexy kids
Made Jimmy Savile do what he did
The kids weren’t consenting, his shellsuit bottoms were tenting  
With his feelings for the sexy kids

Sir Jimmy’s ghost continued to maintain
He’d done nothing wrong and tried to explain
He had a cigar on his lips, and by that I don’t mean
That he was desperate to use the latrine

He said, “All my good work will now be forgot
Because of my penchant for underage mott”
He said, “Surely those marathons and charity races
Offset my spunking on teenagers’ faces”
I said I’d write the song, to get rid of his ghost
And he told me one more time what bothered him most

It was sexy kids, sexy kids
Made Jimmy Savile do what he did
They fixed hit for him, to stick little Jim
In the privates of some sexy kids

Sexy kids, sexy kids
Made Jimmy Savile do what he did
He got them in his Rolls, and penetrated their holes
Then gave charity a load of quids
Jimmy Savile and the sexy kids
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