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The Wrong Ian Watkins

We all heard what Ian Watkins did
It sent my mate Paul in a rage
See he’d just had a baby himself
So he went on Ian’s Facebook page

He left a message saying ‘You are sick
And twisted and I hope you die’
But when I saw it on there I commented ‘lol’
And here’s the reason why

I said
You’ve got the wrong Ian Watkins mate
It’s that what’s made me smile
You just called the bloke from Steps
A twisted paedophile

He shares a name and was in a band
The similarity ends there
He’d never fuck a baby
Just ask Lee, Lisa, Faye and Clare

My mate Paul was so embarrassed
He went online to apologise
But when I saw what he had done
I couldn’t believe my eyes

He’d got them mixed up again! Rofl

So I said
You’ve got the wrong Ian Watkins mate
It’s that what’s made me smile
You’ve just said you’re sorry
To a twisted paedophile

You’ve got the wrong Ian Watkins mate
That must be hard to take
You’ve just apologised to H’s
Kid fiddling namesake

But then I thought to myself…

What if the old bill got confused
Just like my mate Paul
By two popstars that shared a name
Maybe I should give them a call

And say… Megalolz.

”Have you got the right Ian Watkins there
Have you considered maybe
What if it was H from Steps
That tried to rape that baby?”

And they’d say
”We’ve got the right Ian Watkins mate
Your song is a disgrace
See H has never taken meth
Or pissed on a schoolgirl’s face”
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