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1) Back in the day, when and how did Kunt and the Gang form?
I was in a keyboard duo called Pubic Cube in the mid to late 90s with my cousin Andy Kunt until he eventually got fed up hearing my songs and quit. I couldn’t find a replacement with his unique skill set so I replaced him with a hand puppet and Kunt and the Gang was born.


2) What were some of your most popular hits, and why do you think they were so well received?

Our second YouTube video Fucksticks broke the 250,000 views mark, something we’ve only ever managed once or twice since. I think it was popular because it was basically a list song, so fundamentally the video just followed the lyrics and was a series of 5 second sketches cobbled together. We finished the video with our most impressive stunt ever, chucking a life-size effigy of myself off the top of a car park. Unfortunately we didn’t properly check the coast was clear and these two women nearly who came round the corner thought they had seen someone fall to their death.
The fastest viewed video we have had to date is Jimmy Savile And The Sexy Kids. We released it to tie in with the documentary exposé. Being so topical it got a stack of views in the first few days then as the full horror of uncle Jimmy’s diddling came to light and the story of the Operation Yewtree investigation dragged on the views kept creeping up and reached a quarter of a million much quicker than Fucksticks did.


3) When you started the band, did you ever think it would prove as successful as it did?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it is successful because I am back living in Basildon with my mum rather than lying around on a yacht in Puerto Banus getting wanked off by a supermodel. That said it has certainly lasted much longer and gone much better than I ever thought it would.

4) How would you describe the people that enjoy Kunt and the Gang's music?

Just a regular cross-section of internet users, i.e. loners, deviants and sociopaths.

5) How much stick do you get for producing your controversial songs?
I’ve not quite worked out what it is exactly but there’s something about my stuff that makes the people that don’t like it get really angry. In the last ten years I have been attacked on stage twice, banned from Butlins, sent death threats by mental American Michael Jackson fans, threatened by irate comedians who had a sense of humour failure over stickers of crudely drawn cocks appearing on their Edinburgh Fringe posters and assassinated with piss. It’s only meant to be a bit of a laugh for fuck’s sake.

6) What is touring with the band like? Mental?

There is a perception that touring around the place gigging must be mental but in all honesty more often than not the night ends up with a lonely wank in a Travelodge.

7) What does the future hold for Kunt and the Gang?
There should be some new videos for a few of the tracks from my new album which I’m recording this year and touring from late August. It’s called Jap’s iTunes.