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Can you please tell me how Kunt and the Gang got started?
I’d always written silly rude songs since I was a teenager but never really had a proper outlet for them. For a while in the 90s I was in a punk band called Serious Problem who, in an unrelated series of events, got really good after I left and ended up being managed by Ricky Gervais. After that I was in a keyboard duo called Pubic Cube and when that came to an end I didn’t do anything for a few years, until I got the itch again and started up Kunt and the Gang. For the first couple of years I just played local gigs and the set comprised of somethe old Pubic Cube songs to which I added a few new ones to bring up the overall average.  


How long after Kunt and the Gang came into being did you decide to open social media accounts (Twitter/Facebook/YouTube) to promote the act?

My first gig was in December 2003 and I think I first put songs up on MySpace in 2005. It was then I started getting offered gigs a bit further afield off the back of people hearing the songs and sharing them. I met Mike who makes the videos with me in 2005 and opened a YouTube account after we made the first video (Use My Arsehole As A Cunt) in 2006. When everyone had left MySpace apart from the spambots I switched over to Facebook and then Twitter came along shortly after.


How often do you post to your social media accounts?

A couple of times a week to Facebook and maybe a bit more on Twitter.


What kind of information do you post on your social media accounts?
Gig info, links to videos or if something amusing happens or pops to mind.


Have you found social media websites a good way to promote Kunt and the gang?
Definitely. There’s no way I would be doing this full time if it wasn’t for MySpace and then YouTube. YouTube sort of helped make MySpace redundant in that people see the song and video as a product now, which makes the music only half a product, if you get my drift. I had already got tours up and running when Facebook came along but it’s been an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with people who are interested in what you do. I’m sure I cold make better use of social media than I do and I am still trying to find the balance between replying to every message you get sent as well as setting enough time aside to carry on creating new stuff.


You have been described as a minor internet sensation as your song ‘Use my arsehole as a cunt’ and subsequently ‘Fucksticks’ placed in the UK Charts, can you tell me about the campaigns surrounding the promotion of the records?

It was just a bit of mischief making really. I liked the idea of seeing how Radio 1 would deal with having a song called Use My Arsehole As A Cunt in the top 40 chart countdown so I did a bit of research and found there was a clause in the chart rules that says you can have as many versions or remixes of the same song and they all count towards an official chart placing. I recorded 7 different versions of the song, including a new version subtitled The Nick Clegg Story about his selling out of the Lib Dems’ policies to form the coalition, and a Spanish version which I wrote using Google translate and my ever fading knowledge of GCSE Spanish. I started a Facebook page and gave everyone the info about when I needed them to download the song in order for it to count on the Christmas chart. It charted at number 66 and with the inflated sales the festive period brings fell short of the top 40 by a couple of thousand downloads. It was a valiant effort though for a song with no radio play or mainstream press and actually placed higher than Christina Aguilera’s new single! There were some irregularities as the Nick Clegg Version started to get attention and was removed from iTunes (as I understand happened with Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead after Thatcher died). The thing I am most proud of is the screenshot of my Spanish version at number 1 in the Amazon Latin download chart, ahead of Enrique Iglesias at number 2.


Could you please tell me what are the most positive and negative experiences you have had using social media to interact with your fan base and the general public?
People are very quick to give you good feedback when you put out a new video and I find you can get a good buzz going if you act quickly on a news event. My song Jimmy Savile And The Sexy Kids became my quickest viewed video as the documentary broke the news of his abuse and chalked up over 100,000 views in a week.
When I released my Michael Jackson Tribute I got a couple of threats from mental American Jacko fans, saying they were going to find me and ‘pop a cap in yo ass muthafucka’ or something along those lines.


Other than social media, what other methods have you used to promote Kunt and the Gang?
I have a usually monthly email list, which people can sign up for. I have toured a couple of times a year for the last 6 or 7 years which is great for getting word of mouth going and I have managed to get regular appearances at Rebellion punk festival and Download festival which helped massively to raise general awareness of what I do.


If you could do it all again is there anything you would change?
I didn’t start off with any game plan and in 10 years I’ve gone from being a part time odd job man to a minor internet hit singer who gets to sign ladies’ knockers on a semi-regular basis so no, I wouldn’t change a thing! That said, I’m not fully convinced that calling it Kunt and the Gang was the best career plan.


Do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists who plan on using social media to interact with their fan base?
I’ve just got back from playing in Australia for the first time and while I was out there was made aware of Alex Williamson, an Aussie who has had millions of hits on his YouTube and sells out every show he plays. So I guess have a look at how he does it and use that as a business model, that’s what I’m gonna do!