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Compare your show to three household objects and explain why.
Lamp – Because it’s
light entertainment.
Cupboard – Because it’s got stuff in it.
Toilet – Because it’s going to get panned.


What is it that makes it so special to perform at the Fringe?
The fact there is always someone who is up for a beer whatever time of day or night it is. That person is Glaswegian comedian Obie.


What has been your best moment there?
There have been so many it’s hard to choose, but seeing one of my stickers shaped like a man’s penis and testicles stuck over the eyes and nose of Daniel Sloss takes some beating.


What was your weirdest experience there?
Being stood in the queue for a show next to Rodney Bewes.


Have your preview shows gone to plan?
Not really. I had intended to have my new show finished in time to actually do some.


Have you had to change much of the material since your preview shows?
I suspect not having done any previews my new show Kunt’s On Daytime TV will across the month be an ever-evolving orgasm.


What will be the first thing you do when
you get to Edinburgh?

Try and find the woman who got us banned
from the Catch Comedy MacMillan Cancer
benefit show, break into her house while she’s
sleeping wearing a radiation suit , creep into
her bedroom, lift up the covers, pull up her
nightdress, hold her beef curtains apart, plug
in my re-wired microwave and send
carcinogenic rays up her sausage wallet so
she has something to actually complain about.


Which other acts will you be catching

I’m very excited about seeing Re-animator:
The Musical.


What is the first thing you will do as soon
as the festival is over?
I’m going off on a pilgrimage to Benidorm to
try and meet the legendary sexy magician
Sticky Vicky, a 70 year old woman who has
had a 40 year career pulling things out her front bottom.


Why should people be heading to see you at this year's Fringe?

Because my show is so full of sexy songs it is guaranteed to give blokes a stiffy and ladies a wide on.