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Hey how's it going, you all prepared for the biggest fringe in the world?

No! I thought it would be a good idea to do a second, new show then sat around in my pants watching the European Championships and have left writing it until the last minute.

How have the previews been going?

I decided not to do any foreplay this year so I will be starting my Fringe run with full penetrative intercourse. On the dry.

You guys have a pretty incredible following, how do you keep the show fresh and original?
I find by putting in a couple of new songs every year and getting rid of a couple of ones I’m fed up with I’ve managed to get away with doing the same show for the last 5 years. Bonus!


Tell us a little bit about your show this year, what can we expect?

If you’ve ever seen U2 live it’s just like that, but instead of the overblown production, massive budget and the sanctimonious wanker in the shades there’s cheap sounding electropop songs about wanking sung slightly off key by a 6 foot beanpole in a hi vis boiler suit.

What is the inspiration behind Kunt and
the Gang?

I am solely fuelled by a burning ambition to
become a posthumous national treasure like
Norman Wisdom, Jimmy Saville, and Jade.

Taking part in the free show at the fringe
is such a great way to bring a show to the
festival, how is the preparation going, you
got wellies and brollies handy? 

As far as having an umbrella and some wellies
is concerned I’m completely sorted. Check
and check. Just running a bit behind schedule
in the whole ‘writing the show’ department.

How did you get into stand up, has it been
something you have always wanted to do?

I had no intention of getting into stand up. I
was perfectly happy with my part time job
delivering pizzas for Papa Johns when our
YouTube videos started to take off and then
suddenly I got loads of gig offers.

What was your first show like, was the audience gentle?
It was at a local pub in front of an audience of mostly people I knew. After the reaction I got from my mates it became the first and last time I played the song ‘Maybe I’m A Nonce’.


How do you deal with hecklers?

If they are friendly hecklers I generally try and have a bit of banter. If they are drunk hecklers I generally try and shout them down. If they are aggressive hecklers I generally bring up the scientific research that shows links between heckling and paedophilia.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Barry George.

Best five words to describe your show?

Songs. Laughs. Crying. Penis. Erection.

Any plans to go for Xmas Number 1 again?

I’d never rule it out but it’s much harder to get an Xmas number 1 as the sales are so high at that time of year and you’re up against whatever cardboard cut out cunt Simon Cowell has picked for 20 weeks TV exposure before it.
The way I might approach it is to first write my full length musical and when that is a big smash in the West End and Broadway then release the big feelgood finale song which will become my massive crossover hit. It’s called “It’s The Bollocks, You Cunt”.

And finally why should people come and see your show?
Because I have managed to eek this one tenuous idea out into a nine year career and it surely can’t go on much longer.