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Since I had first watched you perform at the Blackpool Rebellion Festival, I'm wondering - do you feel there's a connection with punk? Is there something particular about the audience and the context of a punk-festival?
Rebellion is the best gig of the year every year. The punk crowd are a good crowd to play in front of because they are generally broadminded, well up for it, and a few beers down the line!
I think although musically my stuff isn’t punk in style, some of the first records I remember were by the likes of Jilted John and the Toy Dolls so they must have seeped in somewhere. Also the way it’s worked out I record all my own stuff, do the artwork and sell the CDs out of a suitcase at gigs – it’s half DIY musician and half market trader.


Do you tend to prefer the dynamic provided by an audience that is more easily provoked, or an audience already familiar with your work, and who can enjoy a 'guilt-free' experience?

Usually you get a mixture. It seems to work best when you have some of the crowd who know the songs and want to sing along, and some that are unfamiliar so you get the laughs and shrieks that only come from hearing them for the first time. I have had gigs where I have noticed some
members of the audience looking like
they are having the most torrid night
of their lives and this just seems to
give people that are enjoying
themselves something else to snigger

Are there any limits to what you
would say in a song?
One of the benefits of not having a
record label is that you can say
whatever you like direct to the people
that buy your music without anyone
watering it down. You still have to
self-censor to a certain extent but I
think you do that in everyday life
anyway, otherwise you’d end up
calling your nan a cunt.

Roy Chubby Brown,
or Malcolm Hardee?

Can I change this question to
Barry George or Colin Stagg?
If so then the answer is probably
Barry George.

I am reminded of Ivor Biggun and
Pete & Dud's Derek & Clive when I
listen to your music; have they had an influence on your work?

I heard Derek and Clive and Ivor Biggun when I was a kid and went and dug out some more Ivor Biggun stuff retrospectively a couple of years ago. I particularly liked ‘Hide The Sausage’!. The Macc Lads were a big influence in me starting to write stuff. I saw them live a few times and they blew my mind!