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How's the tour? Where are you off to?
The tour is going well, cheers. It's called the Bangers and Mash Tour because usually the only changing room on offer in pub venues is the gents' toilet cubicle, and you'd be surprised how often you encounter an unflushed motion.
I'm up in Scotland at the end of March/start of April, then back in Essex and up and down the rest of the country in April/May. All the dates are on our website

During the fallout from 'Cockgate' back in August 2011 you seemed to attract more fans and gather a lot of attention. How has that continued since?
It hasn't! It was a bit like having a one hit wonder in that there was a bit of fuss for a very short period of time then I just went back to playing my normal gigs. The weird thing about the Fringe is you’re ensconsed in this little bubble where things seem like a really big deal and it’s only after you get back to Essex that you realise no one gives a flying fuck about ‘Cockgate’, having selfishly been more concerned with not having their house burnt out in the riots.

You also seemed to shy away from
these new fans a bit as they were
not necessarily your target audience.
Is it a worry for you to attract
attention from people that might
end up looking into your comedy
too much, or missing the point of
your comedy?

As long as the people that come along
look like they are enjoying the show I
don’t really care whether they are
proper people or Fringe chin-strokers.
I don’t really have a target audience -
there’s a genuine crossover crowd that
comes and sees us regularly, which is
just as likely to include punks or
metallers as students or beer blokes.
I sometimes look out at the people
from their various social strata and see
them laughing at the same things and
think I’m helping to bring people
together, a bit like Nelson Mandela but
with catchier tunes.
I'd assume with the reception
you've had in Edinburgh over the
last few years you could easily
sell-out a 30 date run and make
some proper money for yourself,
have you any interest in that this year or will you be playing the Free Fringe as per usual?
We’re keeping it real on the Free Fringe this year, but moving to the City Café. The way some of the other promoters threw their toys out the pram last year over a few cock stickers on their posters made me not want to have anything to do with them, even if they were prepared to have us on, which they wouldn’t have been anyway so everyone’s happy.
Any thoughts on the so-called 'sell-outs' of comedy? (i.e. Roadshows, massive ticket prices, etc.)
These things are all driven by public demand so all the time people are up for paying the money and seeing those huge shows they’ll carry on. If I thought I could fill out Wembley Arena at 50 quid a ticket I’d be all over it. Unfortunately for me there doesn’t seem to be much of a mainstream market for electropop songs about rape and paedophiddlia.

Apart from the Lorraine Kelly sticker campaign you jokingly mentioned before, have you any other promo plans for the Edinburgh Festival in 2012?
After all the trouble the cock stickers got us into last year I’m probably going to lay low this year and stick to the traditional methods of flyers and postering. That said, I’ve been toying with the idea of calling my show
Maybe I’m a nonce and instead of flyers having stickers printed with ‘NONCE?’ in bold black type on a dayglo yellow arrow for the punters to take away with them and stick wherever they see fit.

On a lighter note, apparently the world is going to end in December of this year, any plans for the day before?
As long as you can assure me you have that on good authority, I am going to set aside the morning before to quickly say goodbye to my friends and family and then, on that lighter note, find a derelict warehouse where in the afternoon I can kidnap and take Pippa Middleton with a view to spending the evening carrying out a serious and sustained sexual assault on her.