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Where does the name Kunt and the Gang come from?!
My cousin Andy was a computer boffin and scientist. He invented the breakfast cereal 'Special K'. 
One of his last inventions before he sadly died was a random band name generator that was left to me in his will.
I vowed that in his memory I would adopt the first band name it generated when I switched it on. Unfortunately it came up with "The Bryan Ferry Disaster" which I didn't like so I called the band Kunt and the Gang instead.

Could you give a brief introduction of who you guys are, the kind of music you play and a little history for the readers...
Kunt and the Gang is me, Kunt, and my former parasitic twin, Little Kunt.
We play traditional synthpop like Depeche Mode and Yazoo but our lyrical content is much more up to date, reflecting modern themes like whether it's good practice to wash your cock before you go on a night out.
We are probably most famous for our minor hit single about trying to get on in the music business 'Use My Arsehole As A Cunt' or our YouTube tribute to Michael Jackson which led to death threats from mental American Jacko fans saying they would, "Pop a cap" "In my ass".

How excited are you to be playing the Bizarre Ball?
On a scale of one to ten, my cock has just gone off.




























Have you ever attended one before? If not, what do you think it’ll be like?
I've never been to one before but I imagine there will be lots of crazy looking people up for a wild time and hopefully some fit suicide girls who'll want to gobble me off backstage.

What can the Bizarre Ball crowd expect from you? Are you preparing any surprises for them?
I think the surprise for them will be that someone thought it was a good idea to book me for the Bizarre Ball. I can't breathe fire or hang a weight off my pierced nipples. I did fit half a pack of Softmints up my arsehole once but I don't do that anymore.

Why should people immediately go out and buy a ticket for the event?
Because there's lots of stuff much better than me on the line up and the shoddy half-baked standard of my act will make it all look even better than it actually is!

What is your ideal party gig entail?
It would probably be playing somewhere not too far from home, I live in Essex so maybe Hertfordshire. There'd have to be a swimming pool, some controlled substances and a washed up former TV star. And some fisting. Fuck it, all back to Barrymore’s!