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For those of us who haven’t seen your My Space page, tell us how it all began…

I started Kunt and the Gang after a night up the pub when it seemed like a really good idea to start a band called Kunt and the Gang.

You went down great in Newcastle but have you played anywhere where the crowd didn’t get the joke? And if so what happened?
There have been a few nights when I have been concerned about making it out of the venue without getting hit in the back of the head but it’s usually individuals within the crowd who you have to keep an eye out for. I was assaulted on stage at a Christmas gig in London a couple of years ago by a drunk man who picked up my mic stand and came at me with it. The mic stand was wrapped in fairy lights so it felt like a very festive assault.

Any problems because of the name (booking gigs etc)?
Yep. It’s always fine if people approach me for gigs but I have stopped calling venues for gigs because the first thing the ask is, “What are you called?” and when you tell them it’s normally followed by the dial tone.

Who did the “Men With Beards” video? Work of genius! I see some boring bastards left derogatory messages on You Tube…..Have you had any hate mail from religious loons etc…?
I did the Men With Beards video myself. Diddling around with little animations like Dave Lee Travis jumping out the bushes with deeley boppers and a hardon have been a great source of amusement for me!
The only time I had any hate mail off religious loons was when I had set up a Barry George Myspace site and they thought it was actually him. I had this god botherer called Judith keep sending me poison emails and I just kept replying with light-hearted responses to her rantings which made her even more mad!
























When I saw you everyone got given a free Barry George mask and was asked to pose (football pin up style) for a photo. How did this turn out and what will it be used for? Any other stunts you can tell us about?
Hearing that said aloud makes it sound like some kind of crazy acid trip. It was just something the promoters dreamt up and I wanted a photo for me own personal records. Everyone who has seen that photo and wasn’t actually at the gig thinks it is one of the most surreal things ever!

Any good tales to tell us from your recent tour? I see at the toon gig support was Brian from Campus Tramps/Penetration doing his one man rockabilly band. What other ‘unusual’ support acts have you had?
There was a high turnout of beardies at the Southampton gig and the master of ceremonies managed to arrange them into a kind of Avenue de Beards, which I was to march through to my intro music (Glitter’s Leader of the Gang). I stomped through, arms aloft, to rampant cheers from the crowd and as I mounted the stage I stacked it over the monitor, went arse over tit and tipped beer all over myself. Luckily some good fellow was filming it and put it up on Youtube for everyone to see.
There have been some weird and wonderful supports, some fucking dreadful and some really good. One of my favourites in a band in Nuneaton called None Of Your Fuckin Business who are like a young Macc Lads in training!

Have you had any media attention (good or bad-especially bad!)?

The best/worse piece I had was a full page article in the Basildon Echo with the headline ‘Singer’s Vulgar Name Sparks Outrage’ in which they didn’t even mention the name but talked about the fuss one of my posters had caused in a pub window, 200 yards from a junior school. It was a very proud moment for me because they had a picture of the poster with ‘Censored’ over the band name but had left my headline “Songs about playing with your private parts... and more”!!

You have some very tasteful merch- Fred and Rose badge set, and t-shirts with “Fucksticks! Mother’s Cunt! Fucksticks!” on em.
Any more in the pipeline?

Yep, there’s a world of juvenile smut here just waiting to be unleashed! People can come and check it all out for themselves at