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It’s just a butterfly

It was my mate Jim’s mum’s funeral
And I wanted to attend
So he knew I was there for him
In this tough time for my friend
The service was quite beautiful
And as we looked at the flowers outside
I put my arm round my old mate
As he read the cards and cried
Then a butterfly landed on a flower
My friend took comfort in the sight
He said it was as if somehow his mum
Was telling him she was alright
I was quite moved by his words
But I couldn’t let it pass
So I said to him, “oh fuck off, Jim
You’re talking out your arse”

It’s just a fucking butterfly, a butterfly, a butterfly,
It’s not your mum it’s a butterfly
It’s no more than a beautiful moth
It’s just a fucking butterfly, a butterfly, a butterfly,
If you’re seriously telling me that’s your mum
Then you can fuck right off

Because there’s a worm and there’s a slug
There’s a load of ants and a little bug
And you haven’t said that they’re your mum
So get it in your head

There’s no such thing as angels, fairies,
Save your Jesus and hail Marys
It’s all made up to try and make you feel better
Cos when you’re dead you’re dead

Now stop being such a big fucking baby
And let’s go for a pint
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